Thursday, June 27, 2013



hi dears, earthling, darlingssssssssss and etc,

done with two final papers yooo!!
so, so..
what should i do right now,
revision pon next paper,
not in mood, hehe.

so, blogging is the right way to spill everything!

2 months holiday after this final exam,
i've plan to do a lot of things,

this is the list,
and i hope i can do these things and using my holiday wisely, :))

1.a short film (theme humanisme and friendship) insyaAllah
but i have to borrow HD video cam from my friend.
emmm, for a better quality of image.

2. a sharing-session program with my primary school student, SKPNZ.
including second reunion program for our batch. insyaAllah.
paper work and intitation letters to ex-schoolmates especially who lived outside from Terengganu.

3. write a short-story (Malay version)

4. work in nursery field with my friend as a part-time job

5. renew my driving license.

6. try to get motorcycle license during this holiday.

the list is unlimited. i want to spend my holiday with useful things.
and if i need to be a part of theater team, i have to go back earlier! :')

that's all.thank you for reading. ehh??


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