Sunday, June 16, 2013



nothing much to write.

sometimes, honestly. i have double split personalty. say whatt!!

it just a comparison, if you know me well.

im not into craving for popularity or what meleis say, 'mencapab'
im too shy to post my self-cam pictures.
too shy to post my 'poyoness' pictures with friends. *hahha. sebenarnya banyak ja dalam phone.
too shy to update any status or my daily activity.
too shy to express my feeling every seconds in twitter or fb.
too shy to talk in social world, ehh? hahhaa.
too shy to talk about jiwangness in public, X)
a lot of things of 'too shy' in my social networking life.
even a lot of people doing the same thing.
but im not into that activity, i dunno why. don't ask me.

coz of my shyness in social world. i rarely update all those things bout myself.
ahak! awkwardddd!!
maybe for now lahh kot.

and i ever talk to myself, am i weird?

my blog will be in private mode
however i'm not going  to adjust the setting,
just let the blog live without people noticing its existence.
for now. forever? i can't promise.

that's all for today. :))

p/s : u cant see my blog's link anymore in any social site. hehee, coz i have erased it just now.

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