Thursday, June 27, 2013



hi dears, earthling, darlingssssssssss and etc,

done with two final papers yooo!!
so, so..
what should i do right now,
revision pon next paper,
not in mood, hehe.

so, blogging is the right way to spill everything!

2 months holiday after this final exam,
i've plan to do a lot of things,

this is the list,
and i hope i can do these things and using my holiday wisely, :))

1.a short film (theme humanisme and friendship) insyaAllah
but i have to borrow HD video cam from my friend.
emmm, for a better quality of image.

2. a sharing-session program with my primary school student, SKPNZ.
including second reunion program for our batch. insyaAllah.
paper work and intitation letters to ex-schoolmates especially who lived outside from Terengganu.

3. write a short-story (Malay version)

4. work in nursery field with my friend as a part-time job

5. renew my driving license.

6. try to get motorcycle license during this holiday.

the list is unlimited. i want to spend my holiday with useful things.
and if i need to be a part of theater team, i have to go back earlier! :')

that's all.thank you for reading. ehh??


Saturday, June 22, 2013



please be strong girl, be strong . be strong ain.
face the reality.
sometimes i feel the weakest feeling in myself.
i cant do anything.
nothing at all!
i hate that feeling,

yeahh. im human.
cant ignore the mistake anymore.
it makes me suffering inside.
tough inside is not a good word for me.
i fell. get up and move on!
im trying guys. im trying.
for sure, outside i look tough. hahhaa.
i cant stand to show my weakest condition to others.
so, my emotionless face help me to hide all those silly things happen in me.

and today, a good news for me from my biggie sis, biggie pon boleh kan, X)
she told me about my video.
my first ever short-film for arabic class.
for me it's not really a short-film.
more to video project.
i hope the message in that video is beneficial for myself and us.

i dont really spread the video in my social site,
coz one of my friends in our video dont really like me to post the video in fb.
so, what to do,
i just upload the video in my youtube account.
i hope she cant find it. X)

my first intention when i have to direct the video is
i dont want to do because of it is one of my assignments
i have set my mind to this for our goodness.
thats why i have put a lot of efforts in this video.
dubbing session,
learning all those editing tutorial to make this video look smooth.
and easy to watch. even im not good enough in editing.

im going to suggest you rewan ishak's short film.
he is a really good director.
i've fallen in love with his work even i stil cant watch KIL movie.
no time. poor me

i have watched a lot of short films
learning, how they can make a really lovely video.
burn midnight oil. lack of sleep. sacrifice my one week holiday.

ahhh!! and after i have burn the video and submit it to my lecturer one week earlier.
the feeling, worth yoo!!!!!!!!
alhamdulillah. :))

that's all for today, ceceh.

p/s : my groupmates, aina and fatin. they work hard for our video folio and me doing this video. specialization is a good thing when we're doing group work.

Sunday, June 16, 2013



nothing much to write.

sometimes, honestly. i have double split personalty. say whatt!!

it just a comparison, if you know me well.

im not into craving for popularity or what meleis say, 'mencapab'
im too shy to post my self-cam pictures.
too shy to post my 'poyoness' pictures with friends. *hahha. sebenarnya banyak ja dalam phone.
too shy to update any status or my daily activity.
too shy to express my feeling every seconds in twitter or fb.
too shy to talk in social world, ehh? hahhaa.
too shy to talk about jiwangness in public, X)
a lot of things of 'too shy' in my social networking life.
even a lot of people doing the same thing.
but im not into that activity, i dunno why. don't ask me.

coz of my shyness in social world. i rarely update all those things bout myself.
ahak! awkwardddd!!
maybe for now lahh kot.

and i ever talk to myself, am i weird?

my blog will be in private mode
however i'm not going  to adjust the setting,
just let the blog live without people noticing its existence.
for now. forever? i can't promise.

that's all for today. :))

p/s : u cant see my blog's link anymore in any social site. hehee, coz i have erased it just now.

Saturday, June 8, 2013



a really really short update, *short lah sangat. X)

*meowwww is tired

waiting for my first payperrrr!! on 26th june 2013,
really makes me crazy.

plus with a lot of assignment, yeahhhhh.
and im in progress to add 2 more minutes for my video final project for
3rd languange subject.

im really enjoying doing this and sometimes,
it really put me in critical stress condition.
doe with shooting. and script as well.

one of the scenes, in our first video final project. the yellow book. it is the symbolic for 'people-can-change'.

so, i hope this video,
even the quality  is not really good enough
coz we don't have dslr or hd video cam
but, wit a lil message that we try to make people understand,
to study other language is not easy,
and another message about judgemental.

fatin, me and aina. working together for this video. it is just a simple video. please don't expect too much. :))

Do not judge people based on their past.
past is past. enough said.

ya Allah, ya Rabb, please ease everything. 

im now busy preparing for a dinner show
this show really put me in stress too, hahha
coz, me and other teather members (degree members)
all of us are newbieeee!!!! :'(

seniorita, they want to watch our first newbie show!
and im dying here. *nervous

Enactus Malaysia Competition,
makes me fully exhausted. even we acts as the observer.
a lot of things need to be prepared plus, some of internal problems.

that's all for today. ahakk. this is just a lil story to reduce my stress.

(surah al-Qasas : 56)
*do read this people, :))

p/s : i need to continue my works. exhaustedddddddddd!!! kbye.

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