Monday, May 27, 2013



what im studying right now,
like i said before. more to calculating and critical thinking.
so, i choose to create a piece of art.

im not seeking for popularity or to impress people.
the one-and-only reason is i love art so much!!!
to balance the ability of both parts. maybe. eheh. :)) * please refer to the picture above

creativity is something that you have to do and experienced it by yourselves.
keep calm and love arts. haha

drawing? creative writing? poem?short film? public speaking? theater? dancing?
there are many options for you.

after facing two auditions with Pentas Digma club,
alhamdulillah, i am one of the members.
however, a big task is ready for me! *runnnnnnnn!!!

Manisah, one of the main characters in 'TANAH'.
and i have to play the character with a lot of emotions.
this is my first theater!
can u imagine how ruined my life after hearing this shocking news! *slowly dying

my first thought is I only need to learn how the production works. thats all!
yeahh. im a newbie.
what can you expect from a new member with zero knowledge about theater.

and the story begins...

in the middle of FINAL FEVER WEEKS!
i have to practise when some of my friends are enjoying their fullest study moment,
a short sem break for me,
and i have to do some researches by watching a few of  theater performances.

i get inspired to join theater club because of ROH

my ex-roomate arin, yeahh. she has brought me to watch this Nyonya Cantik theater.
so, i have accidentally watched this theater for good, :))

i go to watch this by myself with my ex-pc friend, Dayah. she is asked to join me watching this theater by hook or by crook as she is studying ACCA in Shah Alam X)

these are all the list of theaters that i ever watched!

err, before my first performance in TANAH,
I know nothing!
so, i get inspired by watching their performances.
and try to learn their acting skill,
learning from others, before you want to do something new. hehee

if you want to compare all those lil things with my senioritaa, 
they sacrifice a lot to this club more than what i can think.
when i said sacrifice, yes, i really mean it.

no wonder ahh, they are really talented
and always at the peak of art spirit!
from the director, talents, stage management,
make-up artist, back-stage people.
I learned a lot of things, not just acting.
one of them is how to handle negative comments and judgemental people.

my director, Pak Man. yeahh he is a nice man. but when it comes to judging session.
he is really serious.

honestly, i never get any positive comment from him.
emotionless is the most crucial problem for talents.

and yeahhh. im having that problem. 
because sometimes i am an emotionless person. like a zombie. 
my friends always said that to me. trust me!

i am asked to join a theater camp
or should i call it as an order from my seniorita.
no turning back and i cant say 'NO'. poor me.
maybe to avoid any harm happen during 'TANAH' show caused by my emotionless prob. hehe.

seriously i don't have any knowledge what is theater about.
so, i accept the challenge.
lucky me, two of my seniorita..they also come along.

we learn about voice projection, technical thingy (errr, so technically)
how to project our body language, and the most interesting part is
'trolling-your-partner' session!!
i dunno what is the name of the session. hahha.
after all, i love the camp!! :))

Pentas Digma's family

then, the day before the show.. the most tragic part for me. 
to be continued in the next entry. * erk, actually i have something else to do

p/s : i hope no PD members will read this. maluuuu oit!



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