Friday, September 7, 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt,

long time no see ya my blog. alhamdulillah, 8 hours journey reach the end, and now im here
yes, HERE!

Perlis is such a hot place. hot, err. i mean its weather.hahhha.
now, i have a few hours to write this blog. okayy. tipu, just one hour to finish this entry.

oh my awninggg!!, blame to our purple scarf . and nisa the comel specky one with akak yang ada kat tengah

life is not a joke. and yeah, a lot of things, sometimes can hurt me deeply.
and it mixed well. i feel burdened. burdened with people thought. but, it gives me a spirit.
or i called it as booster. capslock BOOSTER!

i know, i have lovely people around me. and when i start to think bout it.
it makes my life easier. during this orientation week , nak cakap lebih lebih pasal study
pon tak boleh lagi. coz, im going to start my lecture next week, doakan yang terbaik. and i will struggle until the end. yeahh, insyaAllah, and to those friends yang nak fly mesir, ireland, and yang dah fly kat US, russia, you are my inspiration and my booster.

so, here we go.  i just love to share bout my crazy gila gila friends here, and one of them is my roomates. OHMYFRIENDSS!! hahhha

the kepoh roommate with kak liaaaaaa, hahhhaa
 ARIN the roommate!!

 sleeeeepyyyyy weepyy expression!! hahhaa

muzikal theater , ROH ! awesome senioritaaaa!


salam. uhibbuki fillah,
jazakallah khair, :)

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