Tuesday, May 15, 2012




"Alhamdulillah , after the great solidarity of millions of people with the Palestin prisoniers , their hunger strike succeed and "israel" accepted their demands

Thank you everybody who changed his profile picture as a solidarity with them because israel was surprised to see more than 2 millions and 250 000 persons changed their profile pictures in only few hours last night as a solidarity with Palestinian prisoniers.

Also thank you everybody who protested supporting them , at least we did something to Palestine ..

Now people are so happy in Palestine and they are celebrating this small victory .Alhamdulellah , the hunger strike is over and the prisoniers got what they wanted !! alhamdulillah ! alhamdulillah ! alhamdulillah !"

 some palestinian mothers happy and celebrating this small victory 

 A demonstration in Spain in support of the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike

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