Wednesday, April 4, 2012



again. nothing interesting happen.hurmmmm.

kadang-kadang nak tak nak.lahir jugak rasa terkilan.
yer sangat terkilan. im an outdoor person.
OUTDOOR and INDOOR, kalau dah takdak apa nak buat.
duduk dalam je mamanjang. and baca buku yang menarik.

if u have your own license.
and you cant drive 
although your driving teacher can sleep on his chair when you are driving 
because he trust that you can drive well.
but still, your parents never trust you.

the second thing is, im an independent person.
i can travel by myself, and i love that experience.
now, im looking for a job that suit me well.
i dont care what kind of job it is,
replacement teacher, waitress, cashier..

still, hurmmmm.
i cant go anywhere.
no car for me to drive, no motorcycle ( i dont have license for this one)
so, i ask my father to buy me a bicycle.
yes, a BICYCLE you know
how desperate i am.

dumdumdumdudmdumdudmdudm *background song
the answer is NO.

i said, 
"kalau nona tak boleh drive sebab takut berlangggar ke kereta rosak, biarlah nona berdikari cari kerja ke apa. naik basikal.cari kerja dekat-dekat sini"

my father said,
" tak boleh, nanti kalau terlanggar, mudah jatuh.calar-calar"

i said,
"dah takkan nona nak jalan kaki pergi jalan besar jauh pastu baru amik teksi"

abah said,
"biar abah la pergi hantar kerja.pastu abah amik"

i said,
"tapi abah busy jer"

abah said,
"dah abah hantar pergi stesen teksi,"

i said,
"pastu makan duit la kalau naik teksi.sekali naik pon dah berapa, kalau pergi sendiri tak yah susahkan abah hantar pergi stesen ke,"

abah said,
"dah kalau abah tak boleh hantar pergi jalan sendiri kat jalan besar"

i said,
"kalau jalan kaki, kan kena culik pulak, naik teksi pemandu teksi jahat, naik kereta berlanggar, naik basikal jatuh, kalau gitu semua transport la xboleh.mana boleh cenggini.hehe"

abah said,
"dah, tak payah cari kerja.dok rumah jer"

conversation end. -.-"

nah, pastu terkedek-kedek pergi dapur. nak masak.

i said,
"umi, nona nak masak"

umi said,
"tak yah masak, nanti dapur bersepah"

i said,
"nak belajar masak memang gitu. nanti sampai bila nak pandai masak"

umi said,
"dari masak, pergi kemas rumah.takyah masak"

conversation end.again..... -.-"

so, im a little bit disappointed.
what can i do, when im in both condition.
i cant say anything.
and the most important thing is,
i cant do anything that i want.

for me to cook in my mother's territory kitchen.
only when,
umi takda kat rumah.hehe.
time tu lah, i can show my talent. ahaha.
and, bila umi balik.kena soal.huhu.

but, walaupun timbul rasa tak puas hati.
i force myself to learn,

still, kena lah sabar kalau ada lain pendapat.
so, option lain kena ada.
and, i know what should i do to ensure that i still can grab my interest and my dream. :)


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