Sunday, February 12, 2012


i have walked in the totally wrong path.yeah, itu kisah lama. i know
i look for a brighter future that will not be easy for me.
but i have Allah with me.
that's why, i dont want to be a judgemental person coz who am i to judge people.
it hurts me a lot, but it taught me something. yeah.experience.
it's all bout jati diri, iman, prinsip., friendship, family.

so guys, if satu hari nanti korang dah berubah to someone better.
always remember, setiap orang ada laluan masing-masing
maybe nampak teruk sekarang.
who know, one day..

sangat beruntung orang yang fasa hidupnya sentiasa baik.:)
i have slipped once. sangat-sangat la tergelincir dari laluan.

i want to further my study in psychology field.
sebab i want to grab the chance to show the totally right way.teens of coz.

ijazah sarjana muda psikologi pengkhususan kanak-kanak, remaja dan keluarga. insyaAllah.
tak sabar nak habis asasi and sambung degree.

amalina, jangan malas!
siapa awak nak bersenang lenang.
tak kasihan dekat umi abah
yang banyak berkorban untuk awak.
berhenti main.focus for the next test.

salam.uhibbuki fillah.


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